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The dates are out for our citizens to vote in the world's largest demo ...

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What is better to vote for NOTA or not to vote at all?

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Do you believe your vote Matters? Or do businessmen control the govern ...

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Feels great and responsible to vote. Please go and vote on your date.H ...

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Why are you asked after high school to choose your career when you eve ...

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Is anyone who votes for terrorists a national traitor? Or do you have ...

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If you cant change even a bit of it now then is there a point to even ...

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Why do Indians obsess over education but never vote for educated polit ...

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Have you ever had this feeling that even at a time when you had everyt ...

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Since India is the only country in the world to have elected a terrori ...

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Did you vote? 😃

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Working out in the morning or in the evening? And why so?

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Does looks actually matters?

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What matters more: Who knows you or who you know?

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Does finance matter for you in a relationship? And why?

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For whom did you vote?Congress or BJP?

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Does fitness matter for your lifestyle?

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A vote of thanks 😊

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Do percentage do matter in boards?

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Is having regret even worth it?

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