First of all I want to give a background of this question that what is Cobra Post and this cobrapost X like operation sting operations? Cobrapost is a journalism company? Which recently not recently yesterday only have done and sting operation where they went to.To the PR team of some celebrities and asked to post to their opinion about political parties in return of cash so some of the celebrities agreed for that and there were some celebrities who refuse and turned down this offer so I think this is not the right thing as.When a celebrity post something there are followers who put their trust in the in that person, so if they're posting something just to because they're getting money in their turn, then they are betraying their followers trust at the 1st place, secondly political if you are.Posting some opinion about the political party and that is not true opinion that is not something which is which you truly have fade in then you are delivering the wrong idea and you are affecting the psychology of so many people and doing wrong to the to the politics to the.Democrazy of our country and you are degrading the integrity of our Constitution and I don't think that's the right thing. You are doing as a citizen for your country.You are delivering the wrong idea.

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